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Website Design Planner

When designing a custom website it is important to have an insight into the clients needs and expectations. Thank you for sharing your information so that we can design a website that is unique to you.

Please indicate the type of website below.
Please describe your website's target audience.
To help determine your website needs, please check all that apply.
Please check the pages below that you would like included in your website.
Please include any other pages you would like included on your website.
Provide 2-4 words that you want to describe your website. These keywords will be used to find your website. The keywords you use will be how you will be found by search engines like Google or Bing.
Please include a brief description of your website using your keywords. Limit your description to 150 characters.
Please select from the options below.
If you have an existing website, please provide the URL of your website and your hosting company.
What is the registered domain for this website?
If you do not have a registered domain, what domain name would you like for your website? List at least three.
If there are specific color choices you would like included in the design, please indicate below.

If there are any design elements such as logos and photos that you would like to include in the website design, please email to denise@otgdesigns.com and include your name and organization in the email.

Please list a few websites which fit the design style you prefer for the website.